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You bring the wood... We'll bring the protection

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Welcome to U·C Coatings

We are the premier manufacturer and supplier of wood protection products for the logging, lumber, furniture and woodworking industries, worldwide.  The quality of our products and the service to our customers has built our company and its reputation - Quality and Service are never compromised.

At U·C Coatings, our wide range of products conserve natural resources and improve production yields, so you make more wood products - and more profitable products - from each piece of wood.  Our goal is to continue to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of the forest products industry, worldwide. 


U·C Coatings began as Upson Chemical Corporation, a company that manufactured two products to keep xerographic and photographic paper from curling.  In 1971, at age 55, Gerard E. "Red" Murray purchased Upson Chemical Corporation and another company, BATES industries, a specialty coatings manufacturer.  Total combined sales: Less than $100,000.

As a one-man operation, Red did all the manufacturing and sales work.  His wife, Eleanor, kept the books and answered phones while Red's two sons helped out from time to time. Five years later, Red's eldest son, Norm, was hired full-time to handle manufacturing and sales while Red, a chemical engineer, focused on developing new products.

In 1976 Red developed a concrete form release oil, BATES MOLDCOAT, which was widely used in the northeastern USA for over a decade.  Norm marketed and sold the BATES MOLDCOAT and the glue release agent, BATES Boothcoating. As BATES sales grew, sales of STAB-U-CEL (the original Upson Chemical Corp. product) decreased as a result of vastly improving paper manufacturing methods.

In 1978 Red started the development of a wax emulsion coating for sealing the end grain of valuable hardwood logs and lumber.  His research put him in contact with great people in the forest products industry who tested and critiqued his efforts and experimental production.  Forest products technology experts from the universities told Red the desirable qualities for a superior end sealer while industry professionals told him what the real world thought of each experimental effort.

Finally, in 1980, the product ANCHORSEAL became a reality. As loggers and lumbermen were shown the money- and resource-saving benefits of the product, sales grew exponentially.  Since then, ANCHORSEAL has become the best known brand of end sealer in the world and has driven the growth of the company for nearly 30 years.  Based on ANCHORSEAL's success, wood industry customers requested additional products, and U·C Coatings answered with COLOR-COTE, PANEL-SEAL, GEMPAINT, and GEMPAINT*PLUS for wood end grain.

As the products of the company changed from paper chemicals to wood coatings, the company name was changed in 1984 to U·C Coatings Corporation, to better reflect the products being manufactured.  In 1986, Norm Murray was promoted to President and in 1988 Red retired but maintained his position as Chairman of the Board and as a research consultant. Total sales: $1,000,000.

In 1992, the inventor of a revolutionary related product, LogSavers, approached U·C Coatings to manufacture and sell his product to the logging industry. LogSavers quickly became a preferred alternative to steel S-irons.  In 2000 a smaller version, the FlitchSaver, was developed to meet industry needs.  Other product developments included BATES HTR, a release coating for today's more aggressive adhesives and for hot glue presses, and "The B.O.S.S", a specialty sealer coating for the ends of critical dry kiln sample boards.

For over a decade, the company worked on developing an end sealer that used less petroleum-based waxes and more renewable, plant-based materials. In 2009, ANCHORSEAL 2, the next generation end sealer, was put into production and has since become the best-selling end sealer in North America.

U·C Coatings has grown to over 20 employees, with sales in more than 30 countries.  In 1999, Vice President of Sales, Tom Johel, became President and COO while Norm Murray became CEO and Chairman of the Board. In 2001, the company had a major facility redesign and expansion to meet the requirements of its growing customer base.  In 2008, the product line was expanded to include Shade-Dri, a mesh shade fabric used to protect logs and lumber from the elements.

In December 2013, Sidereal Capital Group partnered with Argosy Private Equity to acquire the company. This proactive partnership provides the strategic investment and technical assistance necessary to support and accelerate U·C Coatings' continued growth.

2013 sales > $10 million and growing!