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ANCHORSEAL 2 - End Sealer


A hybrid of plant-based polymers and petroleum wax that protects the ends of green logs and lumber. AS2® is formulated mainly for North American hardwoods.

Made from renewable, natural ingredients and less petroleum-based raw material, AS2® is a high-performance, economical choice for customers. AS2® hybrid wax coating seals the ends of logs and lumber to protect against end checking and costly degrade, during air-drying before processing or kiln-drying.


  • Cost-saving, environmentally friendly technology
  • High Performance
  • Great Stability

  • Minimized dripping during application

When applied immediately after sawing, ANCHORSEAL 2®:

  • Prevents up to 90% or more of end
    checking (drying splits)
  • Reduces loss: Conserves resources
    and improves yield
  • Can help reduce blue stain in logs


  • Similar in viscosity to latex paint, ANCHORSEAL 2®
    is easily brushed or sprayed on (Spraying Equipment
    is also available from U·C Coatings)
  • One gallon covers approximately 100 square feet,
    or three bundles of lumber (15 to 20 logs) on both
    ends, depending upon application method



  • Available in clear or color
  • A water-based product available in winterized formulations to protect against freeze damage (freeze/thaw stable)
  • Also used by woodturners, ipe deck builders and weatherization training centers

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