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LogSavers & FlitchSavers

Used to stitch existing splits and checks in valuable logs. LogSavers and FlitchSavers are made from special recycled plastic and will not damage saws or veneer knives.


  • Control existing splits and checks
  • Will not damage saws or veneer knives
  • Eliminates black iron stains in log ends
  • Safe to use - No hands in the striking area with our LogSaver/FlitchSaver Hammers
  • Easy to use - Parts can be rotated into any position with our LogSaver/FlitchSaver Hammers



  • LogSavers are 4" (10 cm) in size
  • FlitchSavers are 2.5" (6 cm)  in size

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             LogSaver/FlitchSaver Hammers
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