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Reusable mesh fabric made from UV resistant polypropylene. Shade-Dri protects logs and lumber from the sun, wind, rain and dirt.      




  • Keeps logs cooler to reduce stain
  • Regulates airflow to reduce drying defects
  • Reduces degrade and discoloration caused by sun, wind, rain and dirt




  • Shade-Dri is custom cut to your specifications
  • Available in two weaves: SD-04 (provides 55% shade) and SD-07 (provides 80% shade)
    Weave Photos

  • Used on log piles, lumber piles, T-sheds and other areas needing protection
  • The use of Shade-Dri, combined with ANCHORSEAL 2 and proper drying practices, should virtually eliminate end checking

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Available Options (SD-04, SD-07)

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